Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Retractable Screen Door

You know your retractable screen door is durable and built to last. But, like everything else in your home, you know it will last a lot longer if you develop proactive maintenance habits. Proper maintenance will ensure your retractable screen door will last for many years.

Proactive Habits

Use These Tips to Properly Care for Your Retractable Screen Door

Retract your screen door when you’re not using it. When your door is closed, there is no reason for the screen to be fully extended. It will simply collect dust and debris. Take advantage of your retractable screen door’s best feature and slide it back into its housing unit when not in use.

Keep the door track free and clear. The track plays a big role in how well your retractable screen door functions. The crevice looks narrow, but you’d be surprised how much dust, dirt and grime can collect there. Tiny stones or pebbles can cause door jams and should be removed. If you happen to spill something in the track, wipe it down, so the screen door will continue to slide freely. A quick spray of Pledge in the tracks also keeps the screen sliding smoothly.

Be vigilant about your retractable screen door when guests are in your home. It’s happened to all of us; we don’t pay close enough attention and end up walking face-first into a door. Prevent such accidents by alerting your guests that you have a retractable screen door. And if you’re expecting a large crowd, consider affixing a cautionary note to the door at eye level to prevent accidents and damage.

Maintenance Habits

  • Vacuum the door track regularly, even if it looks clean to your naked eye.
  • Wipe the track with a wet rag and dry it with a towel.
  • Clean the screen with soap and water, then dry it with a microfiber cloth.
  • Lubricate the top and bottom track with Pledge once a year.

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