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How to Prepare
Your Home for Spring with
Retractable Patio Screen Doors
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How to Prepare Your Home for Spring with Retractable Patio Screen Doors

With spring fast approaching, now is a great time to oil up the window hinges and prepare your home and property for the warmer weather. While Southern California certainly doesn’t get quite as cold as elsewhere in the region, there are still portions of your home that likely went neglected or overused during chillier months. The following are tips to shake yourself out of the winter mindset and prepare your home for a beautiful California spring with retractable patio screen doors:

Ready the outdoors.

While it may be too soon to start adding to your garden, it is time to plan out your landscaping thoughts and ready the yard. This includes replacing any cracked or old garden hoses and raking out leaves, branches and other debris from your yard and pavement areas. Consider also pressure washing all applicable surfaces, including concrete carports, brick walls and vinyl siding. Doing so before you plant ensures there are no unintended damages and it brightens up all your exterior surfaces for a more enjoyable outdoor appearance come spring.

Upgrade or fix patio screen doors.

A Southern California spring begs for open doors and windows. The weather is so idyllic and the light winds are ideal for airing out homes. But if you want to keep the bugs out, you’ll need to ensure your retractable patio screen doors are in great shape. Take time now to inspect all of your home’s window and door screens. Minor tears and holes may be inexpensive repairs. However, if your retractable patio screen doors are frayed or have dented frames, then it might be time to look for new options. Choose retractable screen doors built to maximize outside-inside airflow and natural light.

Interior spring cleaning.

During the winter, running heating equipment with the windows and doors kept closed causes dust, dander and other airborne particles to cycle and stagnate in your home. Opening up windows and doors during the spring works to bring in breezes taking particulates out and creating a healthier indoor air environment. However, it isn’t enough just to open up a door or two. Commit a weekend to a full interior house cleaning to get rid of any and all lingering dust and excess debris on your ceiling fans, fireplaces, window sills and other places.

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You’ll often find it rewarding to go through and prepare your home for the change of seasons. Spring maintenance and upgrades like retractable patio screen doors are a great way to get you into a more lively spring mood and keep your home looking great.

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Each All Season Retractable Screen door housing unit can be manufactured in several standard hardware colors, including black, bronze, sand, ivory and white.

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