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How to Keep Your
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How to Keep Your San Diego Home Cool

San Diego has the type of summer temperatures other places dream of. Where many East coast cities, from Chicago to NYC and down to Miami, have hot, humid summers with temperatures climbing into the triple digits, here on the Pacific Coast we enjoy warm temperatures that hover in the high seventies to mid-eighties. Of course, every boon comes with its cost. Because of the city’s renown beautiful weather, few homes come with AC installed and so when temperatures do climb higher than normal, things can get downright uncomfortable. The following are a few tips for keeping your San Diego home cool without an air conditioner:

3 Tips for Keeping Your San Diego Home Cool Sans AC
  1. Maximize the functions of curtains, blinds and windows. On cloudless days, the sun’s rays shining through windows can really cause indoor temperatures to ramp up. Prevent this from occurring by closing curtains and blinds on the sunny side of your home or by having interior or exterior sun shades installed. If you have windows on either side of your home that aren’t being shined upon, consider opening them to facilitate a cross breeze that will further cool down your home.
  2. Cook outdoors. Because outdoor temperatures remain relatively cool, one of the biggest causes of high indoor temperatures is in your kitchen. Baking causes heat to build up in your kitchen and nearby rooms. While opening windows and turning on a fan is one solution, the best solution to ensure temperatures inside your home remain low is to switch to less heat-intensive foods.
  3. Install retractable screen doors. Sometimes windows are awkwardly placed and too small to provide an adequate amount of ventilation to move air throughout your home and keep it cool. Instead, the ideal solution to keep a San Diego home cool is to install retractable screen doors. Purchasing high-quality screen doors is a great choice as they can be easily installed, and their use can significantly improve your indoor environment. Retractable screens are great for allowing in fresh morning and evening air while simultaneously keeping out the insects and other pests eager to invade your home. 

    A retractable screen door is a particularly great choice for kitchens that open up to the outdoors as any heat generated from baking or other heat-intensive appliances can be easily vented out with well-positioned fans. Commercial kitchens and restaurant businesses will find retractable screen doors are particularly useful for ensuring both customer and employee comfort while simultaneously keeping costs low.

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