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Keep Pests Away with
Retractable Screen Doors
and Other Tips
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Keep Pests Away with Retractable Screen Doors and Other Tips

Many people opt to stay in during the summer instead of enjoying spending time outside because they don’t want to be disturbed by bugs or insects. Here are some ways to enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about pests or debris:

Retractable Screen Doors
Retractable screen doors in San Diego are the perfect way to let the breeze in while keeping bugs and debris out. You can install them on both your front and back door to allow for a refreshing cross-breeze when both doors are open, which helps bring in a continuous supply of fresh air into your home and allows it to move freely throughout, keeping it comfortable. It’s like having a natural fan without running any electricity. You will also get benefits from just 1 screen door, as you enjoy the weather.

LED Lightbulbs
With the ocean close by and fine weather almost all year long, San Diego has much to offer – especially in summer. One of the ways you can keep bugs away naturally is by using LED lightbulbs in your porch and patio light fixtures. Not only do these attract less bugs, they are also eco-friendly.

Citronella Candles
Another popular method of repelling bugs in outdoor living spaces is using citronella candles or torches. They smell nice to humans but not insects. Placing a few of these candles on your patio table or torches throughout your yard will help keep bugs at bay and allow you to enjoy your outdoor space.

How Retractable Screen Doors in San Diego Work

All Seasons offers retractable screen doors in San Diego so you can enjoy the fresh air while saving money and keeping your home bug-free. Each of our screen doors comes with a metal housing unit that blends seamlessly with your door frame, so you can slide the door into the unit and out of sight when not in use. Our screens can be mounted on single, double, French, and sliding glass doors and are available in 5 color options. Not only are they versatile in color and function, they are also allowed by most condos and HOAs.

All Seasons retractable screens are built with the sturdiest mesh to ensure long-lasting quality. Our products are also backed by one of the best warranties in the industry.

It’s time to start enjoying the fresh breeze. Contact us at 858-283-8113 to learn more about our retractable screen doors in San Diego and schedule a free demo.

Customize Your Screen Door to Complement Your Home’s Aesthetic
Each All Season Retractable Screen door housing unit can be manufactured in several standard hardware colors, including black, bronze, sand, ivory and white.

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