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Cleaning Tips to
Get Your Porch
Ready for Spring
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Cleaning Tips to Get Your Porch Ready for Spring

With the warmer months fast approaching, you’ll begin to spend more and more time out on your porch. Over the course of the previous year your porch has likely collected dirt and other debris. In order to get it ready to enjoy, follow these cleaning tips:

Clean Off Surrounding Fixtures First

Before moving to your porch you’ll want to clean the area around your porch. This includes the windows, light fixtures and furniture. Once complete, move the furniture off of the porch so you can thoroughly clean it.

Sweep Off the Porch

To clean your porch, start by using a thick-bristle broom. This is best for picking up dirt that may have become stuck over time. Sweep the porch away from your front door and walls to ensure no debris gets inside your home.

Power Wash and Clean

A power washer will remove any remaining dirt and debris that has stuck to the porch (such as leaves that have died and deteriorated on the porch). You may need to use a sponge to get into some smaller areas, but chances are the power washer is all you’ll need. If you can’t use a power washer, use a soft-bristle brush designed for wood and a sponge to clean.

Add Stylish Upgrades

Spring is a great time to update the aesthetic of your outdoor area. Once the porch is clean, consider adding a fresh coat of paint or stain to restore its vibrancy. Another element that will enhance both style and functionality is a retractable screen door. Available in a variety of colors to seamlessly blend with your exterior design, a retractable screen door allows you to let the fresh breeze in when you want it and keep pests out, without distracting from your home’s aesthetic.

Customize Your Screen Door to Complement Your Home’s Aesthetic
Each All Season Retractable Screen door housing unit can be manufactured in several standard hardware colors, including black, bronze, sand, ivory and white.

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