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The Benefits
of Having
Retractable Shades
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The Benefits of Having Retractable Shades

If you agree it’s fair to give people credit where credit is due, it’s fair to say the makers of the original window shades had a good idea.

In the same spirit, it’s fair to say retractable shades improve upon that invention and make it so much more appealing – for four reasons in particular:

  1. Embellish the view you wanted from your windows in the first place. Whereas the doors in your home are more functional in nature – allowing you to walk through them – the No. 1 function of your windows is to provide a view of the outdoors. Retractable shades go up and down and remain out of sight until you press them into action. You can enjoy an unobstructed view of the outdoors and perhaps even enjoy a newfound appreciation for your windows as an architectural feature.
  2. Allow you to burnish these architectural features in new ways and to greater artistic effect. Since retractable shades can be virtually unnoticeable from a distance, you might see your windows in a new light — and as a new “canvas” for your decorative efforts. Because retractable shades are offered in a wide variety of styles and colors, the opportunities for dressing up your windows are probably more plentiful and diverse than you think.
  3. Blissfully low maintenance. When you’re not using them, retractable shades remain out of sight, meaning they’re automatically protected from dust and dirt. And when you’re ready to wash your windows, or even do a quick clean-up, you can do so with ease.
  4. Give you the upper hand — at least if you choose the motorized option. With the push of a button, you can operate the shades from across the room, or from another area of your home. The convenience is appealing to people of all ages, but the safety factor can be the deciding point among parents of small children who want to ensure their little ones do not get accidentally tangled in dangling shade cords.

All Seasons may not have invented retractable window shades, but they are proud to spread the word about their unparalleled function and style. Call All Seasons at 858-283-8113 for a free in-home estimate, and see our retractable shades for yourself. You might wonder how you ever lived without them. With all the features and customizable options All Seasons offers, you won’t have to.

Customize Your Screen Door to Complement Your Home’s Aesthetic
Each All Season Retractable Screen door housing unit can be manufactured in several standard hardware colors, including black, bronze, sand, ivory and white.

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