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The Advantages
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Screen Doors
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The Advantages of Disappearing Screen Doors

Most people don’t only believe “seeing is believing.” They believe seeing is superior, too. In most cases, they’re probably right. The eyes, after all, can be an incredibly persuasive force of nature.

But sometimes, not seeing is superior, especially in the case of disappearing screen doors.

Disappearing screen doors fool the eyes – in a great way

Like many people, you’re probably used to seeing traditional screen doors. While they can be opened and closed, these doors remain in a fixed position most of the time. This means you see them — and probably the inferior, lightweight mesh that most screen doors are made with — most of the time, too.

By contrast, disappearing screen doors are housed on the vertical side of a screen door. They consist of four basic parts: an aluminum housing, a sliding bar, track and durable, high-quality, polyester mesh. When you want to enjoy the benefits of a screen door, you pull the door to one side. In this state, it’s visible, but barely so. The thin mesh is strung as tightly as strings on a violin.

When you don’t want or need the screen door open – say, on a cold, rainy or windy day – you simply slide the door back into the discreet housing unit. You know that the screen door has disappeared, but to unknowing guests and visitors, it’s as though the screen door isn’t there at all. (Remember: to them, seeing is believing.)

Visualize the benefits of disappearing screen doors

People who have had disappearing screen doors installed in their home say the advantages are more than believable. They say their “now-you-see-them-now-you-don’t” doors have improved the ambiance of their home because the doors feature:

  • A recessed-mounted design for cleaner lines and a sleeker overall look
  • Superior quality and a sophisticated design
  • A flexible pull bar and a brush-track system
  • A powder-coated aluminum housing, available in colors that complement virtually any type of décor
  • A full-length magnetic strip that provides a superior seal (a quality that is often lacking in traditional screen doors)
  • The ability to enjoy them everywhere, including on single doors, double doors, French doors, sliding doors, swing doors and front entry doors
  • A limited lifetime warranty
See the tangible benefits of disappearing screen doors

Don’t overlook some of the other day-to-day benefits of having disappearing screen doors installed in your home. When you want to keep disappearing screen doors open, they excel at:

  • Letting cool breezes in, thereby allowing you to cross-ventilate your home and give your air conditioner a break
  • Keeping flies, bugs and insects outdoors, where they belong
  • Providing a view of the outdoors
Disappearing Screen Doors from All Seasons

It’s easy to get swept away by disappearing screen doors – as long as you turn to the company southern California residents trust most: All Seasons. Ordering, measuring and installing disappearing screen doors is part art, part science – and should be left only to the company that has staked its good name and reputation on serving southern California all year long: All Seasons. Call us today at 858-283-8113 for a free in-home consultation.

Customize Your Screen Door to Complement Your Home’s Aesthetic
Each All Season Retractable Screen door housing unit can be manufactured in several standard hardware colors, including black, bronze, sand, ivory and white.

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