Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Home

With the cold, winter weather behind us and the warm, summer weather approaching, spring is the perfect time to do a little home maintenance while temperatures are cool and comfortable. You’ll be amazed by the difference a few simple updates can make. Here are some spring maintenance tips to help you improve the appearance and functionality of your home:

Home Updates for Spring

Update Your Home This Spring

Inspect Your Roof
Even in climates that don’t get snow during the winter, roofs can be damaged by wind, hail, falling trees and other elements. Damaged tiles or shingles can allow water to leak into your home, where it can cause mold and other damage. Check to make sure your roofing hasn’t suffered any damage.

Clean Your AC Unit
Call a reliable HVAC company for annual maintenance and cleaning of your AC unit. A well-maintained air conditioning system will be less prone to breakdowns during the spring and summer months when you need it most. In addition, a unit that receives regular service runs more efficiently, resulting in lower power bills.

Wash Your Windows
Regularly washing your windows inside and out will reduce glare when the sun shines in. You can use a hose attachment to wash your exterior windows, and a sponge or cleaning rag for your interior windows. 

Vacuum Your Refrigerator Coils
Refrigerator coils are not often thought of but are important to maintain. If not properly cleaned, the coils can clog and inhibit your refrigerator from running properly. Use a vacuum cleaner hose or brush to clear the dirt off your coils, located on the back or bottom of the fridge.

Clean Your Retractable Screen Door Tracks
Don’t forget about your retractable screen doors. Removing dust and dirt buildup from the tracks will ensure maximum mobility. You can clean the tracks with a stiff brush and then, use Pledge for a smooth gliding door.

If you haven’t installed retractable screen doors, spring is the perfect time to do so! You’ll be able to enjoy the fresh air without worrying about insects or windblown debris getting inside. They are also accepted in condominiums and other HOA communities. Contact us at 858-283-8113 to get started.

They are also accepted in condominiums and other HOA communities. Contact us at 858-283-8113 to get started.

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