How to Keep Your Child Safe With Interior Shades

There are good reasons why shades by All Seasons Retractable Screens of California stand head and shoulders above their peers.

Long synonymous with quality, All Seasons offers a vast selection of stylish and functional indoor and outdoor shades. And our shade experts are knowledgeable and skilled at offering solutions for all types of windows, as well as providing accurate measurements and expert installation.

Even more impressive, we manufacturer our shades in a state-of-the art production center – unlike other companies that order shades from suppliers, essentially reducing themselves to middlemen. Every single All Seasons shade is subjected to a rigorous testing and inspection process before it is packed for shipment. So when customers see the name “All Seasons” imprinted on a shade, they can feel unparalleled confidence in the shade’s quality and durability — bringing the experience of shopping for interior shades for sale in San Diego to a satisfying full circle.

All Seasons raises the safety bar

Our safety tension device – also known as a child safety device – is designed to keep a shade cord taut against a wall so the cord doesn’t present a safety hazard to children (and pets) who could unwittingly become entangled in a dangling cord.

All Seasons has engineered the device to lock the cord if it is not installed to a wall or it becomes loose from the mounting surface. This locking mechanism renders the shade inoperable until the safety tension device is reattached properly. Specifically, it prevents the chain connector and/or stop bead from passing through the opening until the device is properly locked in place on its mounting surface.

If you are looking to eliminate any and all cords from your window shades, All Seasons also offers motorized shades. With motorized shades you can use the provided remote or even an app on your cell phone to operate the shades up and down. There is no need for cords or safety tension devices if your home is equipped with motorized shades.

For parents of curious infants and pets, motorized shades will foster greater confidence.

All Seasons embraces safety

All Seasons’ safety tension device goes to the heart of a range of concerns and safety alerts issued over the years by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Mindful that one child somewhere in the United States dies each month from window cord strangulation, the CPSC has long focused its attention on:

  • Pull cords
  • Looped bead chains and nylon cords
  • Roman shades cords
  • Looped cords that raise and lower blinds

To prevent accidents and injuries stemming from these cords, the CPSC warns parents: “If the window shade has looped bead chains or nylon cords, install tension devices to keep the cord taut.” Eliminates the task – and worry — when shopping for interior shades for sale in San Diego.

Put safety precautions first until you shop for interior shades for sale in San Diego

Despite the appeal of the device, it’s a rare person who replaces all the shades in their home in one fell swoop. In fact, many people who look for interior shades for sale in San Diego select shades one room at a time. Until all the shades in your home carry the proud All Seasons name, and feature the crucial safety tension device, be sure to take other precautions to protect your active, inquisitive little ones:

  • Place cribs, beds and other furniture far away from window treatments so they cannot climb and grasp the treatments or cords.
  • Retrofit older shades, or those made before 1995 which featured outer pull cords that ended in loops. These loops should be cut short, covered at the end with safety tassels and tied together with cord cleat.

Shop for interior shades for sale in San Diego at All Seasons

Consult a window expert at All Seasons, who will happily advise you how to keep your little ones safe – and show you why All Seasons stands head and shoulders above its industry peers. When looking for interior shades for sale in San Diego call All Seasons for a free estimate at 714-332-6060.

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