Features and Benefits of Retractable Screen Products

Today, we’re going to be going over some of the features and benefits of our retractable screen products.

First thing I would like to show you guys is the different colors that we carry. Typically we try to match up your window trim. And the six most common window trims are ivory, white, sand, brown, black and silver. And, we carry all those colors as well. We try to match them up as best as we can with your window trim.

We do all on-site custom installations. We take all of the measurements…make all the cuts right on site there and install the product in a quick and efficient manner.

The first product that I would like to show you guys is our double door system. And, we’ll go ahead and install this product on your French doors that you have. To operate the product, you’re going to go ahead and squeeze those lock kits together. Bring it past the middle. Let it go. Let it lock into place. And, you’re going to go ahead and bring this side over, and it’s going to meet up with that other magnetic strip.

Our product features a magnetic strip that runs all the way from top to bottom as you can see. We like that about our product because it helps differentiate us from our competitors.

We also have a bottom track as well that helps to keep out all of the bugs and insects as well. And, we like that as well because that’s something our competitors don’t carry.

Typically, our competitors…their product has about three to four different magnetic strips — they’re about one to two inches long. We like our product because that magnet runs from top to bottom. We do also feature a breakaway. If someone were to walk into the screen, it’s going to go ahead and release that magnet and it’s going to go ahead and retract back into the casing there to preserve the screen. That’s something that’s a little bit different about our product as well that we like a lot as well.

On a single door…I’ll go ahead and show you guys the product over here. Basically, it’s the same product. The only difference is that we have a casing over here that houses the magnetic strip. Typically, that hides behind the threshold of your door so you don’t see it. Again, if someone were to accidentally walk into it, it features that breakaway system as well.

It also has a self-healing mechanism: Say anyone were to accidentally run into it a little bit…it comes a little bit loose — no worries: You just go ahead and retract the screen at that point and it heals itself.

In the next segment, we’re going to talk about troubleshooting and screen repair.

Thanks a lot. I’m John Kester. Bye bye.

See what some of our clients have to say!


"Larry came out and gave us an estimate and was very knowledgable about his product. We acquired two quotes and Larry had the best price, and did not bad mouth any of his competitors. We contacted him the next week and made a down payment, and he ordered the screens and came back out a couple of weeks later and did the installation himself. Everything went as he said and the screens look and work great."

"I had a retractable screen installed on my front door. (Double doors).

No problems arose"

"I just wanted to tell you how professional Alfonso was when he installed my doors. He was so considerate and made sure to clean up after himself. Everyone I have come in contact with at your company has been so great and professional. Thank you!!"