Common Questions

Hi. I’m John Kester with All Seasons Retractable Screens.

Today, we’re going to be going over some common questions that we receive regarding our product. The first one we always get all of the time is “Is your product a security door?”

No, the product is not a security door. The product is actually intended to break away if somebody walks into it. So, we try not to make it difficult for people to open the door. We also make it so that if someone does run into it, the product breaks away from that magnetic strip there and retracts back into the casing to preserve the screen.

Another question that we have is people will say, “Well, look, I love how I’m able to see my view. I love how you guys were able to preserve that for me and still allow that fresh air to come in, but we had a party the other day and someone ran into the screen.”

Well, that can happen. What we like to tell people at that point is…if you want to buy a stencil up at Hobby Lobby or Michaels and go ahead and spray paint that from the inside. That way it will be a part of the screen and that way when someone approaches the screen, they’ll be able to see it. You certainly don’t have to do that if you want to preserve the view that you have — just let people know that the screens are there and typically you won’t have a problem.

Another common question that we have is people want to install a single door on a French door. And, the reason that we don’t like that is because basically there is only enough screen in there to really go across about five feet or so. So, sometimes people have a larger area than that. The other problem is that when you have a French door that one side is meant to be stationary. So, if you want to close the product, you would have to actually come outside every time and reach across that stationary door to close the product. And, that’s just not the way our product was intended to be used.

Those are our common questions that we have though folks, and we look forward to hearing from you guys.

Thanks a lot. Bye bye.

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"Larry came out and gave us an estimate and was very knowledgable about his product. We acquired two quotes and Larry had the best price, and did not bad mouth any of his competitors. We contacted him the next week and made a down payment, and he ordered the screens and came back out a couple of weeks later and did the installation himself. Everything went as he said and the screens look and work great."

"I had a retractable screen installed on my front door. (Double doors).

No problems arose"

"I just wanted to tell you how professional Alfonso was when he installed my doors. He was so considerate and made sure to clean up after himself. Everyone I have come in contact with at your company has been so great and professional. Thank you!!"