5 Impressive Benefits of Installing Motorized Shades

Advances in automated technology have made it possible for homeowners to enjoy increased comfort in their homes. With motorized shades, you also get several other benefits to enjoy. These are just some of the notable advantages to having shades installed.

  1. Lower energy bills

    Lowering window shades when the sun is pouring in can help reduce your cooling bills. With motorized shades, you don’t have to worry about remembering to do so at the right time each day. These shades can be set to automatically lower when the sun is at its hottest, which helps keep your home cooler without having to run your air conditioning as often. This can add up to significant savings over time, especially during the summer months.

  2. Increased safety

    When you’re going to be away from home, you can set your shades to raise and lower at certain times. This helps make it look like someone is at your home, which can deter intruders. Whether you’ll be away for a short business trip or a long vacation, your shades can help lower the risk of having your home broken into. Shades are also safer than traditional blinds if you have kids or pets in your home, since motorized options don’t come with cords or strings to pull which can be choking hazards. You won’t have to worry about making sure cords are out of their reach.

  3. Higher home value

    Motorized shades can boost your home’s value in a couple of ways. They help make your home more energy-efficient, typically a big selling point for buyers. Automated features, including motorized shades, are also growing in demand among home buyers due to the benefits they provide. Keep in mind when the value of your home goes up, you can expect to get a higher price for it when you decide to sell.

  4. Greater convenience

    Motorized shades allow you to raise or lower them just by pushing a button. When you want to lower all the shades before leaving your house or when you want to lower living room shades to reduce glare while watching TV, you don’t have to get up to do it. Pushing a button lets you control any and all shades in your home quickly and conveniently.

  5. Reduced sun exposure

    Having motorized shades that automatically lower to keep the sun out helps reduce fading, glare and exposure to your furniture and carpet. It also lowers your risk of sun damage to your skin if you typically sit near the window during the day. You’ll experience less eye strain due to the reduced sun glare on your TV and computer screens as well.

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